Saturday, October 7, 2017

Natural Beauty


About two years ago I first heard about BeautyCounter. A friend had told me about it, and when she became a Consultant, and began selling Beauty Counter herself, my mom and I both ordered some things through her.

I'm going to be honest with you: I don't really wear much make up.

I wear it for parties, or days where I feel especially sick and need an extra boost of confidence, or just for fun when I feel like it. But the funny thing is, I used to wear it much more often.
That's one of the best things about Beauty Counter - It's actually good for your skin!

Have you ever looked at the ingredient list of a makeup product? Once we found out that I have celiac, I started having to look up all the strange words that meant "gluten". It was amazing how much gluten was in the makeup I had been putting on my broken-out, red skin. But I was also realizing how many strange chemicals went into making that mascara and foundation I put on every day, chemicals that I really had no idea what they were or what they did.

And then when you think of your skin as the largest organ in your body... I began to feel almost like I was putting poison on myself.

Having celiac and Hashimotoe's, while being vegetarian, I have to be especially aware of what I eat. My family tries to make sure that organic, healthy foods make up most of our diet, but I wasn't paying any attention to all the chemicals I was layering on my skin.

So, slowly, my mom, sisters, and I began switching over to Beauty Counter.

We began with just the face oils and the charcoal cleansing bar, and I will be honest with you: other than medication (though that never actually worked well) these were the most expensive skin care items we had ever bought. Thankfully, you don't need to use very much, and they last for a long time. Only just enough of the cleansing charcoal soap to wash your face, and a drop or two of face oil to moisturize ~ even with four people using them, our first charcoal bar and face oil lasted for several months!

But the really amazing thing was how well even just these two products worked. My mother's dry skin, sister's more oily, and my combination type all started to feel better.

As we became more convinced we started adding products, and now they make up most of what we use.

BeautyCounter recently came out with the Counter Match line, and for my combination skin (oily in some place, but very dry in others), this works even better!

I'll post more about my favorite products in my next BeautyCounter post - maybe having a Saturday post about BeautyCounter the same way other blogs post about their sponsors each weekend. Hopefully you won't get too sick of me waxing eloquent about make up and skin care ;)

Thank you so much for joining me on this new venture! I don't yet know were it will lead, but it is one more step towards figuring out how to bring in a steady income while dealing with autoimmune diseases.
Please email me or leave a comment if you have any questions about safer beauty products! I would love to help :)


Lucia Marcella
If you are interested in BeautyCounter, you can follow this link or click the BeautyCounter tab at the top of this blog :)

P.S. a note from our kittens
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Remember September ~


 Remember September, before she said goodbye?
She taught the youngest robins the way they ought to fly.
Around the mountain's sholders she draped a gypsie shawl,
And sent the breeze among the trees to sing about the fall.

I have always loved September!
It's the first hint that the smothering heat is coming to an end and Autumn is just around the corner.
Even before the temperature cools, the light begins to change, slanting though the windows, more gentle and golden then it's been all summer.
Suddenly the cat's all want to sleep by the window, curled in a warm patch of sun.
Things look more green outside, there are hummingbirds at our new feeder, more butterflies circling the garden. The sky is a more clear blue and it looks like a glimpse of Heaven.
And suddenly I am struck with the insatiable need to knit socks and shawls, and maybe a sweater or two. My fingers itch to sort through seed packets, the need to see little plant lives begin, while visions fill my head of dreamy fairytale gardens. And oh the comfort of a hot cup of tea, matcha or chai or dark English breakfast, softened with a dash of cream.
And the need to curl up and plan and make and nest. To flip through books, planning warm bread for Michalmas, and shining lanterns for Martinmas. Sweet almond cookies for the feast of Saint Francis, and yellow saffron cakes for Santa Lucia.
Dreams of cornhusk dolls and spiced apple cider, grandma's pumpkin pie and glowing harvest moons.

Remeber September, before she went away?
She taught the cricket fiddlers the songs they ought to play.
She gave the modest Maple a dress of red and gold,
And showed the mouse a little house to keep him from the cold.

Welcome, Lady Autumn!
I have waited all year for your return.

~ "Remember September" is an old song from the beautiful book Sing Through the Seasons published by Plough Publishing House.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

the curio cabinet


I have realized that I live in a cabinet of curiosity.

A library mixed with a zoo with a little bit of time travel thrown in.

Especially since the hurricane, everything has felt a bit like we have stepped through Alice's looking glass and into a very strange wonderland, where past and future exist together, and the present is only a dream of a dream.

My mom said as much today as she walked through the front room. It's filled with pottery collected by my grandma, things my papa brought home from the middle east, toys from my mother's childhood, china from three great grandmothers, and so many other relatives who's names it is impossible to keep straight.

And its this room that has become my bedroom now.

I quite enjoy it ~ being in the middle of everything.

Being sounded by antiques and rock collections and hand stitched quilts and the family bustle.

My grandma lost her house in the flood, so she and her two cats here too.

The first day my parents could get back into the neighborhood they got out the quilts. As many quilts as they could carry. We had planed to get out some more things the next day, but then the water began to rise.

There was nearly five feet of water in Grammy's house at it's deepest, and at least three feet sitting there for ten days.

When the water finally receded enough, my parents and some friends got out the china, hand panted by great-great-aunt Marty and great-great-grandma Ezraetta. The had to hack the back of a set of drawers apart with a hoe to be able to get out the family silver, because the wood had swollen and warped and was already beginning to fall apart.

We had kept some of our most special dolls over at grandma's. to keep them safe... All the dolls that our grandparents had brought us from there trips around the world - from Alaska to Russia, Africa to Poland - were lost. But somehow, my little Poly, a Madam Alexander doll who had come from my other grandpa when I was six, somehow she was completely dry.

And eventually all the Bryers horses that had come from my mother's childhood were found. They had all floated around the house, behind doors and under tipped over chairs, and the last had to be fished out from under a bed that had floated about the room.

And so the horses join the rescued dolls, the pet fish (and frog), the turtles that had to come in during the flooding, and then again when they sprayed with insane insecticides,  and the butterflies I've been raising through all of this. They have given me hope in all of this, been the beauty in my day. That I can focus on them, protect them, helping them when I can't do much else.

So now I live in a museum of family history, of nature study and fantasy, and it suite me just fine.