Friday, April 21, 2017

turtle spring ~

Texas seasons are so different from the winters I hear about up north. Most of the winter fluctuates from 80 degrees to freezing and back up to 80. I love the cold, so this warm winter is hard on me, but even more confusing for the poor turtles!
My goodness they are happy it is finally real spring! Very warm days with weekly rain storms and lots of food equal a turtle heaven. Even the babies have gotten to visit the outside world to enjoy the sun and wind.
I love having a sweet family of turtles rustling around beside me while I am gardening. Sometimes I will take a couple out of their pen and let them walk around the herb garden while I piddle around. This doesn't always work out because they have a tendency to be curious about whatever I am doing, which usually means being right in the middle of whatever hole I am digging to look for worms. 
The garden is so alive, the turtles are so happy, the cat is bird watching through the window, and I am back to planting some flowers and sewing some tiny stitches.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

On a late night just last week I finally learned how to crochet. 
I have the tendency to begin to wake up just as the sun is setting.
We have had such beautiful sunsets lately, I suppose it is no surprise that evening is when I get inspired to make!
I adore wrapping up in a warm shawl, lighting an oil lamp, putting on some music, and sitting down in a darkened room with my needles and yarn to figure out something new.

For so long crocheting has been the mystery I can not solve. I am a bit of a knitting fanatic, but the entire concept of Crochet was beyond me! My grandmother tried to teach me once when I was little, but it ended with me almost in tears and my poor Grammy completely flabbergasted!

Thank goodness for Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting book and YouTube videos.
I am loving this crocheting thing, and I promise to pictures of my ongoing crocheting adventure! Even since taking these pictures I have learned more stitches and have been learning how to do bits of lace doilies. Now to figure out what to do with all these doilies...

Friday, January 27, 2017

dark days

The past week has been dark and gray. The type of day when you are lucky if you see the sun or it rains ~ because it breaks the gray monotony.
We have left what I called The Year of Mortality far behind, but it never seems to have truly ended. Perhaps I just came to understand it more. But already, though my family seems to be continually faced with the fact that we are mortal.
I am sorry to have gotten so melancholy! I am not so sad as this may make me out to be! I am simply thinking melancholic thoughts lately. The last week I have been sitting vigil beside our dear old cat. He had two or more strokes last week, he started having trouble walking and suddenly went blind. There is nothing that can really be done, and so, as long as he is not in pain, we are simply waiting. And yet, with all of this, he still switches his tail in annoyance when you wake him up, and begins to purr when you talk to him.
It has actually been a sad but lovely week, spending the time caring for our Old Man, giving him broth and his favorite foods, making sure he knows he is safe and loved. Knowing that if he dies during the night, we will have done all we could, and he was happy until the end. And so, I am enjoying my quite week. It is nice not having a car, not even being able to go anywhere if I felt I should ~ because I really wanted to be home with our sweet Dominic.
Lucia Marcella